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Victor N Hirsch, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Hirsch is the owner and founder of Hirsch & Associates.

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Dr. Hirsch is helping me get through the loss of my son! I've been going to him for over 6 months and his technical and educational knowledge have truly helped me climb the mountain one day at a time. His experience is the best in his field. I have come a long way with my depression.

- Deb

As the mother of a teenage son, I went to Dr. Hirsch for help with some out of control behavior I was seeing. I've learned to manage school, chores and privileges in a new way that satisfied both myself and my son. Dr. Hirsch has also taught us to communicate better so we're enjoying each other, something I had almost given up on. My son and I have grown a lot since consulting with Dr. Hirsch.

- Carolyn

Dr. Hirsch has helped my daughter turn her behavior around in just 2 weeks. She received 3 green days in a row at school and she has never done that before. The screaming and hollaring at our house has stopped. 


My 7 year old son was afraid to go to school because of being bullied. He had a lot of anxiety and would become physically ill and cry at school and at home. Dr. Hirsch helped him tremendously with EMDR and now he has no anxiety at school, and is fine now - THANK YOU! Dr. Hirsch.

-Anonymous parent

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