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Comprehensive Mental Healthcare is one of our specialties here at Hirsch & Associates.

Kids are amazing for many reasons but mostly because each one is unique. Sometimes, however, the schools are NOT set up to deal with these differences properly. Noticing these unique differences is one of our specialties.

Children are all too often labeled with a 'learning disability' or with ADHD. Sometimes these are accurate labels but without the understanding of unique differences in learning styles, children will continue being mislabeled. Our Specialties here are to teach kids skills to cope better with the effects of having a family member with a mental illness...

At Hirsch & Associates we 'get' kids, we have worked with them for literally decades. We have a unique assessment approach to truly understanding your child and equally important, how to help your child. Below are just a few issues we help families and their children with the treatment & diagnosis of. We specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of both Attention Deficit with and without Hyperactivity in both children and adults. (ADD/ ADHD)

Behavioral Therapy

As the name implies, this approach focuses on behavior-changing unwanted behaviors through reward systems and reinforcements. Behavior therapy often involves the cooperation of others, especially family and close friends, to reinforce the desired behavior. Behavioral therapy is one of our specialties.

Cognitive Therapy

This method aims to identify and correct distorted thinking patterns that can lead to feelings and behaviors that may be troublesome, self-defeating, or even self-destructive. The goal is to replace such thinking with a more balanced view that, in turn, leads to more fulfilling and productive behavior.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

A combination of cognitive and behavioral therapies. This approach helps people change negative thought patterns, beliefs, and behaviors so they can better manage their symptoms. We help them enjoy a more productive, and less stressful life.

Interpersonal Psychotherapy

Through one-on-one conversations, this approach focuses on the patient's current life and relationships within the family, social, and work environments. The goal is to identify and resolve problems with insight, as well as build on strengths. Interpersonal Psychotherapy is one of our specialties.

Couples Counseling and Family Therapy is also one of our specialties

If simply loving someone were enough, there would never be any marital issues. Marital issues, regardless of how it seems or feels, usually have little to do with whether or not we love each other and everything to do with how we demonstrate that love for one another. Imagine that you really, really love someone and you do everything you know to show them that you do and regardless of how hard you try, they seem disappointed and disconnected from you.

If you're like most, you will probably think that something is wrong with you. In reality, the problem is due to 1 of 3 possibilities:

1): You haven't learned how to connect with your partner in a way that is meaningful and believe it or not, there are proven processes to accelerate this emotional alignment.

2): Your partner may have issues and until those get resolved, nobody could connect with them. or...

3): Some of both one and two are operating. This is probably the most common issue. When we can truly connect (and no, this doesn't really have much to do with sex despite popular belief) contentment, harmony and joy seem to truly escalate! (By the way, the sex does get better as well!)

Remember this, marriages are about people and it's the people who have to get themselves squared away.

We all come to relationships with blind spots, and most of us also come to relationships with the best of intentions. Issues come up in marriage and family. So, regardless of the issues you're dealing with, and they can be really challenging and painful, let us help you quickly, efficiently, and meaningfully put a spot light on them, shrink that blind spot, and truly teach you some life skills that make a difference.

In a proven recipe, every ingredient is important and, however small the amount, each contributes to the whole. Families really are no different. The family unit is an amazing process that easily can get off track. The reason for this has a lot to do with what we refer to as our 'automatic pilot.ยท Our automatic pilot is that part of us that functions without much conscious thought. Let me ask you this question. How many of you have ever said to yourself, "I'll never be like my parents were when I have my own kids!" And how many of you have, if your honest, look at yourself and say, "you know what, I'm doing exactly what I swore I'd never do!"

This tool utilizes your innate ability to connect with those in your environment and social circles, to increase your life satisfaction and personal relationships.

We can work with you and your family to improve interpersonal skills between family members and work through any issues within the family circle. Coupled with this style we use two similar approaches to therapy that involve discussions and problem-solving sessions facilitated by a therapist. Sometimes with the couple or entire family group, sometimes with just individuals, such therapy can help couples and family members improve their understanding of, and the way they respond to, one another. This type of therapy can resolve patterns of behavior that might lead to more severe problems. Family therapy may be very useful with children and adolescents who are experiencing problems.

Coping with serious mental illness is hard on marriages and families. Family therapy can help educate the individuals about the nature of the disorder, and teach them skills to cope better with the effects of having a family member with a mental illness - such as how to deal with feelings of anger or guilt. In addition, family therapy can help members identify and reduce factors that may trigger or worsen the disorder.

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